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BlackBerry Is Making An Android Phone That Could Possibly Outmatch The iPhone

Get excited.
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For a few years, nobody could touch BlackBerry. You were a nobody if you didn't have BBM and everything else on the market couldn't compete. Nowadays, that's not quite the case. They've been failing miserably over and over again--but from this leak via technology insider Evan Blass, it seems like they're building an Android powered BlackBerry with a slide-out, physical keyboard. 

If that's the case, there's certainly a handful of people who will jump the Apple ship and pick up one of these bad boys. It's tempting just thinking about it.

On the Airows podcast, we talked how we would "save" BlackBerry on a show that was recorded about two months ago. Skip to the 30 minute, 45 second mark if you want to cut straight to the BB talk. From the looks of the leak, it seems like RIM is a fan of the show.