The Aston Martin of Wireless Speakers

A Sonos on steroids.
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We've long taken it for granted that Asia reigns supreme over all things electronic. But France just got into the game big time with the Phantom from Diavelet, which aims to be nothing less than the world's best wireless speaker.

Starting at about $1,990, the Phantom was conceived of and built in France, with a knockout design protected by no less than 102 patents. Putting out 4,500 watts and 108 decibels, the "implosive" system boasts zero distortion, saturation or background noise.

Promising "a power, clarity, and preciseness unlike anything you have ever heard before," the Phantom is designed to seamlessly replace any existing system. And it looks like something straight off the set of Rogue One to boot.

Some other numbers to note: the Phantom kicks out with 12kilos of high technology, 1.2 metric tons of pressure sealed hermetically, and 30 kilos of thrust force behind its lateral woofers for "an ultra dense sound with physical impact."

The unit also evolves and perfects itself with free updates, so you won't be stuck with useless tech in a couple of years. Want to really go thermonuclear on that end-of-year playlist? Hook up a second Phantom and prepare to be really blown away.