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Meet the Best Ultra-Compact Camera Bag

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Photographers don't have a ton of great options when it comes to camera bags. The legacy brands offered at the usual places are big and bulky, purely created with protection in mind and virtually unchanged since the 1980s. Zero style points not to mention shoddy construction.

And while a few new brands have popped up with improved construction and organization tactics over the last several years, they still fall victim to an oversized nature and make you feel like you're backpacking through the Alps when heading to your terminal.

But thankfully, there's a better path forward. The Jumper from Brevite delivers enough dedicated space for a professional camera and its accessories (plus a laptop and change of clothes) while managing to maintain an ultra-compact silhouette and lightweight presence. It's made to last, too, arriving with a lifetime warranty.

The minimalistic move is available here in a trio of colorways.