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This Specialized Cold Shower Cooling Soap Will Jumpstart Your AM

"Put the heat on cold."
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There is nothing more game changing than an ice cold shower. It wakes you up like a foghorn and makes you feel like you're ready to run a marathon. It even helps fight depression, boost metabolism, ease stress, speed up muscle recovery, help with skin problems, and more. If you haven't tried it, try it. If you have tried it, try it with Duke Cannon's specialized Cold Shower Cooling Soap.

It's made with mint and menthol for a powerful cooling effect that compliments icy water perfectly and takes the whole experience up a notch or two. Plus, a portion of proceeds goes to directly support U.S. Veterans and everything is made in the USA. Not bad.

Right now, a two-pack is available for just $15. Your future self will thank you.