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Take to the Skies With This Carbon Fiber R/C Stunt Plane

Ready to fly straight out of the box, TobyRich’s app-controlled stunt plane with joystick attachment is shockingly easy to use and so, so satisfying to pilot.

Included with every purchase is an interactive app-based flight school that teaches you how to fly like a pro, though preprogrammed stunts and auto-stabilization aided by a pressure sensor will make you feel like Fox McCloud from the first minute. It's made from a combination of carbon fiber and TobyRich’s proprietary DURINUM material for a super durable build – this ain't gonna break within the first 30 minutes like some cheaper alternatives – and includes a rechargeable battery with a solid amount of flight time, so you won't have to pound through an endless amount of AA's to get this thing in the air.

A perfect gift for anyone ready to channel their inner Maverick, this is sure to be a hit on Christmas morning and beyond. And even better, you can find it on sale here.