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This 2022 Daily Planner Goes Above and Beyond

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Not only does it deliver a stylish and sophisticated presentation but the Karst 2022 Daily Planner Set goes well beyond your run-of-the-mill alternative whether digital or physical.

It's comprised of two six-month volumes, each pairing daily calendars and to-do lists with ways to supercharge personal growth, improve productivity, and pile on motivation through actionable self-reflection prompts, non-corny motivational quotes, monthly themes, and more.

The quality is also outstanding, bound in hardcover and filled with specially developed stone paper that's completely waterproof, tear-resistant, and friction-free. "Our tree-free paper is unlike anything you’ve ever written on," they note. "Completely friction-free, pens glide across our pages because there is no grain direction, and ink never bleeds through. The result is a truly pleasurable writing experience."

Get prepped for 2022 with it here.