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Five Pocket-Slimming Wallets for Men Who Believe Less is More

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Don't be the guy with the George Costanza-style wallet.

You know the kind. Stuffed to the brim with gift cards, loyalty cards, receipts and more.

Especially so when they're so many good options that blend minimalistic design with high-quality materials and construction. Here are a few of our favorites:

Porter-Yoshida & Co Tanker Nylon-Canvas Billfold Wallet, $160

This coveted Japanese brand makes some of the best accessories and bags in the world, including this blacked-out wallet (with a hint of orange) made from the label's sturdy nylon-canvas. It's finished with a zipped pocket to store coins, eight internal slots for cards and a keyring detail.

TOM FORD Camouflage-Print Nubuck Cardholder, $350

There is nothing wrong with splurging on something you literally have with you all day, every day. Especially when it looks as this made-in-Italy cardholder from TOM FORD. The camouflage-print is especially cool and surprisingly subtle, helping you stand out from the sea of black and brown wallets. It comes with four slots and a central compartment for stashing receipts and tip money.

Wingback London Card Holder, $56

Cut from one single, hand-selected Italian hide to reduce bulk and give a consistent style throughout the billfold, this made-in-London wallet has no frills or fancy logo but a serious amount of subtle style. It will also develop a rich patina with time while softening to buttery perfection.

Acne Studios Elmas S Leather Cardholder, $115

Stockholm-based Acne Studios are masters of minimal design and their anti-bulky, made-in-Italy cardcase is yet another reflection of that.

Everyman Holden Wallet, $59

From knives to pens to keychains and beyond, Everyman makes some of the best EDC products money can buy. And to no surprise, their Holden Wallet has the same attention to detail (and unbeatable price) as their other goods. Crafted from full-grain leather with six slots to hold all your card and cards, this has everything you need in a wallet and nothing you don't. Best of all, it's backed by a lifetime guarantee.