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We've all seen it: an otherwise well-dressed fellow laid low, sartorially speaking, by an unsightly bulge in his back pocket. Another victim of the all-too-common error of carrying too much crap around in his wallet. Especially in these days of cash-replacing apps, digital transactions and smartphone payments, there's simply no excuse to ruin the line of your trousers or jacket.

Once you streamlined your wallet's contents, the next step is to acquire a new wallet suitable to your improved habits that conveys the sense of masterly control over the rectangles of plastic and paper that lesser men are enslaved by. Thankfully, Taylor Stitch is here with a gimmick-free solution at a price you can't beat.

Available in two different styles, a Minimalist Billfold and even slimmer Minimalist Wallet, with color options including black, brown and navy – novelty patterns are strictly bush league. 

Made from supple 100% full grain Spanish cowhide, they're cleverly engineered to keep clutter to a minimum so you'll always have the essentials at hand, but never a case of the lumps.