One of Our Favorite Whiskey Tumblers Just Went On Sale

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A few years ago, Norlan Glass invented a specially designed tumbler engineered to enhance the aroma of your favorite whiskey while giving it a mellower, more expressive taste. The only problem? All the science determined they didn't have the heaviest feel, making them feel a little too "cheap" compared to crystal alternatives. Thankfully, they found a way to give it the perfect heft without taking away all the properties that make the glasses so interesting and unique. And best of all, it's 35% off right now thanks to a winter clearance sale.

Sleeked out in matte black and ergonomically shaped to maximize comfort with every sip, the upgraded glasses feature geometric facets and edges blended with curved surfaces for an intriguing appearance, an innovative chevron pattern on the bottom of the interior, and a soft faceted concave base that supports a strong but easygoing grip.

Perfect for a three-finger pour, spirts on the rocks or even a cocktail, style out your holiday drinking with a set here.