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Military-Tested Grooming Essentials Every Unfussy Guy Needs

Rugged goods from Duke Cannon Co.

Memphis-based Duke Cannon Supply Co. aims to bring some manliness back to men's grooming – and that's a good thing. All their products are field tested by the U.S. Military, and some sets come packaged in ammo kits direct from military surplus – and they include a hatchet to boot.

The brand recently introduced a host of new products, including Cannon Balm Lip Protectant, Bloody Knuckles Hand Cream, Tactical Soap on a Rope – that'd be 550 mil-spec paracord – and Working Man's Face Wash which elevates it to a fully fledged grooming line, though they'd probably prefer a less fey expression.

Unlike the "clown soaps" being marketed elsewhere, Duke Cannon is created for hardworking men, both military and civilian. All products are made in the USA with a portion of proceeds benefiting U.S. veterans, and nothing is ever tested on animals – only "bad interns." Even the hatchet is made of U.S. steel forged to genuine American hickory. 

So who is this Duke Cannon character anyway? "He doesn't dine with vegans and he could give a damn about your new iPad," the brand's site states. "Duke Cannon comes from a different era [when] men had a greater purpose than building spreadsheets and spending their Saturdays at Banana Republic."

He may be a man's man but the guy obviously knows a thing or two about packaging. And you might have guessed that everything "smells like victory...."

Get some now.