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10 Great Watches That Look Even Better On NATO Straps

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The so-called NATO nylon watch strap was first issued by the British military in the 1970s, but as with any classic and essential accessory, it seems utterly timeless. While initially they were introduced for tactical advantage, these days they can change the look of a watch and in many cases make it better-looking than its original metal or leather band.

Here are 10 worth the transformation:

Tudor Heritage Black Bay, $3,100

Already a great buy on a classic watch that's bound to increase in value, throwing a NATO on this piece is a pro move.

Omega Seamaster 300, $4,500

There's a special James Bond version of this watch on a black-and-grey NATO that will cost you double, but doing it yourself achieves the same effect.

IWC Mark XV, $3,600

The elegant simplicity of this pilot's watch allows for a lot of expression with your choice of nylon strap, an upgrade we strongly endorse.

Rolex Submariner, $6,300

The world's most iconic sports watch takes on a different personality when fitted with a NATO, which is how 007 originally wore his.

Breitling Vintage Chrono-Matic, $3,400

Vintage pieces look especially good on more colorful NATO straps, lending them a sort of devil-may-care air.

Heuer Autavia Heritage Re-Issue, $3,700

A very cool re-issue that has even more retro appeal on a NATO, whether basic black or classic Horween leather.

Rolex Datejust, $4,100

On a red, white, and blue NATO, for instance, the famed Datejust adopts a somewhat gentlemanly, jaunty air.

Omega Railmaster, $3,900

This Omega model is too often overlooked, but its understated vintage appeal makes it the ideal piece for pairing with a NATO.

Panerai Luminor Base Logo, $3,456

A Panerai on a NATO might seem counter-intuitive, but having tried it we can avow that it lightens it up in all the right ways.

Tudor Submariner, $4,000

At 36mm this Tudor Sub has great patina and is the perfect size for a slightly smaller wrist, while a NATO is a perfect match.