The Exceedingly Beautiful Mechanical Pen Every Guy Needs at His Workspace - Airows
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How can one tell the quality of a pen? Outside of build and feel, the easiest way is by the sounds the clicker makes. 

Cheap-o pens made an audible noise.

But all-metal ones, like these stunning mechanical pens from Inventery, are completely (and satisfyingly) silent. 

Featuring an all-brass unibody construction and some of the most beautiful packaging around, each pen purchase also comes with a Schmidt P8126 cap-free rollerball refill, a lifetime warranty, and individual serial number for each pen built. 

When it comes to writing instruments, you don't need to splurge on a four-figure Montblanc to do it right. Available in Black Oxide, Brushed Metal, and Brass, this is something you won't regret acquiring.