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This Swedish-Engineered Speaker Sounds as Good as it Looks

Warm tunes with mid-century style.
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When it comes to portable speakers, you need two things:

1.) Handsome good looks.

2.) Impressive sound.

Fortunately, the Audio Pro T3 has both of those things in spades. 

Since the '70s, Audio Pro has been making Swedish-engineered hi-fi systems with room-filling, audiophile-approved sound. Each unit has a solid build, thick leather carrying strap, metallic hardware, and some serious, decor-improving mid-century style. This ain't your bright blue plastic Jambox.

The battery lasts for up to 30 hours on a single charge, making it not just the ideal at-home solution, but a stylish on-the-go sound system for when you need jams outside the house.

Usually, the T3 is priced at $250, but we found them on sale for only $210 over the next few days. If there was ever a time to buy....