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Porsche Design Made a Windows PC With Serious Sex Appeal

So pretty, you might think about ditching your Mac.
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When people think of a Windows PC, they typically think of the unkempt "PC" character from those old Apple ads. No style, kind of boring, lacking creativity.

Thankfully for those forced to use a PC for their profession, there's finally an option with some beautifulness and it comes from none other than Porsche Design, the gear and apparel branch of the German automotive group.

One of the world's thinnest convertible computers with construction inspired by the gearbox of a sports car, the 2-in-1 notebook comes packed with 7th Gen Core i7 processor, a 512 GB SSD from Intel, up to 14 hours of battery endurance, and a gorgeous sandblasted case surface in pure silver.

It even has a full-blown infrared camera to safely unlock via face recognition, which feels like something straight out of Q-Branch. Now we're talking.

Set to debut in April 2017 and priced at $2,495, you can certainly find a PC with similar specs for a small percent of the cost, but it won't look as sexy as this. Sometimes, you have to put style first.