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In John Wick and the new John Wick: Chapter Two, Keanu Reeves plays a legendary hitman who comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters who took everything from him. Of course, being Hollywood blockbusters, the movies make getting shot at out to be a pretty stylish affair.

It's not all costume designer's pipe dreams, however; you can actually get Wick-edly kitted out with some pretty snazzy Kevlar items, which can theoretically stop bullets as well as keep you looking good. Here are five (not) to die for:

1.) Kevlar watch strap

Because even your timepiece is a potential target. Plus: contrast stitching.

2.) Kevlar suit jacket

Made by Japan's Undercoverism, this thing is cool enough for Keanu to wear off set. 

3.) Kevlar pants

Made for motorcyclists, but why should they have all the fun – and the stopping power?

4.) Kevlar hiking boots

Sterling Archer probably has a pair of these lying around somewhere. Pretty badass.

5.) Kevlar iPhone case

With both Kevlar and carbon fiber there's not much this phone case can't handle - except texts from your ex.