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Native Union Releases an Unbeatably Cool iPhone 13 Case With Sling Cord

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Don't be the dope who gets whatever shoddy case they offer at your local Verizon or T-Mobile store. Instead, treat your brand new iPhone 13 to this handsome, unique option from Native Union.

The Clic Lock Case is not only made the right way from genuine Italian leather but packs a sleek secure sling for wearing around your neck or over your shoulder. Beyond added style points, this helps you a) free up pocket bulk when needed and b) nix the possibility of dropping your phone when on the move. The attach/detach mechanism, meanwhile, pops on and off with cool ease.

Whether you mix and match or keep it minimal and monochromatic, we're big fans of this move. And no matter what model you went with — the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max — they have you covered with the proper sizing. Check out all your options here.