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10 Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Setup

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We've tested dozens and dozens of televisions and other accessories and discovered the best value plays for the ultimate yet realistic TV setup. 

Here are our picks:

Samsung The Frame QLED 65" 4K TV, $1,797

Yes, it's a little pricey. Yes, it's worth every penny. The bezel is incredibly thin. The picture is outstanding. The included mount allows it to sit completely flush against the wall. And its clever HDMI switcher lets you cleanly connect your compatible devices with a single cable. The TV can even display a wide range of curated paintings and photographs when turned off, mimicking a large scale piece of art. The 2018 model is also a great option (and it's $500 less) but it's missing Samsung's new QLED technology.

Apple TV 4K, $179

The Apple TV remote is a disaster but the Apple TV interface is best in class. So what's the play? Turns out, The Frame TV includes a universal remote that can control your Apple TV precisely. Make sure to turn on 'Dark Mode' and hide unwanted apps for the most aesthetically pleasing visuals.

YouTube TV, $49/Month

Lock in your home screen with YouTube TV so you don't need to deal with an overpriced cable package on top of ugly wiring and hardware. We've tested all of the different over-the-top cable packages extensively and this option provides the best interface and channel selection by a mile. We also like Sling TV for NFL RedZone but it's missing key channels like ABC and CBS.

Xbox One X, $379

Microsoft upgraded its signature gaming console about a year ago with a significant boost in performance and power on top of 4K capabilities. Its got slightly better stats and a cleaner interface than the PS4 Pro while providing a better controller experience in our opinion. If your standard Xbox One hasn't gotten the upgrade yet, it's worth the splurge.

Xbox 'Phantom Black' Limited Edition Controller, $50

For extra style points, make sure to add this gorgeous 'Phantom Black' controller from Microsoft. It's limited edition, so it won't be around for long.

Sonos Beam, $399

The Sonos Beam is an incredibly efficient way to transform the sound of your TV in the most painless way possible. It's also phenomenal for music playback and can easily connect to other Sonos speakers in your home. 

Sonos Beam Wall Mount, $59

This Sonos Beam wall mount is designed and produced by Sonos for a precise fit and secure hold. For the best possible look, make sure this in play.

Sonos Subwoofer, $699

The Sonos Subwoofer adds a ton of bass and depth to your movie and TV nights and seamlessly connects to the Sonos Beam for easy setup. And if you really want to step on the gas, pair everything with two additional Sonos One speakers for full 5.1 surround sound.

CB2 Ripple Media Console, $1,199

Hanging your TV on the wall is a must. Anything else in 2019 just looks sloppy. And if you can't hide your devices in a nearby linen closet after wiring through the wall, the next best thing is a gorgeous media console. We love this option from CB2 that's priced right and features a black marble top with brass legs.

CB2 Lumin White Linen 4-Piece Sectional Sofa, $3,596

We love the classic vibes of this sofa, also from CB2, which allows you to balance out the room with modern accessories and art.