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The 10 Best Gold Watches Money Can Buy

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Whether it appeals to you from the get-go, or you've decided to move up from stainless steel, chances are at some point in your watch-wearing life you'll want to upgrade to gold. 

Expect to pay more for the privilege – gold is, after all, a much more costly material – but if you shop smart (or let us do it for you) you'll be surprised at what you can get for your money.

Here are 10 great gold watches to aim for:

Rolex Date, $3,750

The patina on this classic piece from 1964 can't be duplicated, and the slightly murky dial gives it lots of charm at an unbeatable price to boot.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II, $2,350

This vintage beauty with root beer coloring isn't the iconic Speedy as we know it, but that just makes it a great buy that's bound to appreciate. 

TAG Heuer Monza, $4,750

Monzas in gold are very hard to come by, but the price on this classic racing watch is quite reasonable and the cushion-shaped case is key.

IWC Portuguese Chronograph, $8,700

This happens to be the exact watch that we're wearing as we write this, and believe us it's a beauty. Ultra-elegant with a sporty edge.

Breitling Navtimer Fighters, $8,500

This limited edition Navitimer is all kinds of cool and has a few extras not seen on the basic versions. And yes you can navigate with it.

Hublot Classic Fusion, $8,005

If you want a watch that looks like it cost $10,000 more than you paid – and it is $18K at full retail – than this is your jam. Flash your cash.

Ulysse Nardin 1846 Marine Chronometer, $6,500

Ulysse Nardin's watches are underrated, but the looks on this vintage-inspired beauty would be cheap at twice the price.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grand Reverso, $9,150

We love Reversos and you'd be hard pressed to find a more elegant watch than this, which of course reverses for when you're playing polo.

Panerai Radiomir Oro Rosso, $12,000

Panerai makes very few gold watches, and the ones that do exist are pretty precious. A rose gold Radiomir is a really strong move, however.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control, $6,500

This is a connoisseur's watch that graces some of the best collections, understated, classic and not something you see every day.