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5 Products Under $100 That Will Drastically Improve Your Life

Upgrade your day to day with these select grabs.
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Treat yourself to a few of these handpicked items and instantly see an improvement in your life.

1.) Ursa Major Force Field Daily Lotion + SPF ($54)

Throw Ursa Major’s daily lotion on after a good shower and automatically feel at least three times as good. Not only goes it make your skin feel healthy and not greasy like other lotions, it packs anti-aging properties and even throws in some SPF to protect your skin from daily sun exposure. Once you start using this stuff, you'll never stop. 

2.) RAD Roller ($25)

The original go-anywhere massage too helps you release stress all over your body and is portable enough to throw in a gym bag or even go on vacation with. You'll be addicted.

3.) Abyss Bath Towels ($74)

Bath towels are something you should never go cheap on, so ditch those thoughtlessly licensed ones from Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klien and step up to the big leagues with a few pieces out of Abyss' collection. For something you use at least once a day, it's worth the investment.

4.) Glerups Slippers ($95)

A good pair of house slippers is essential for fine living. Though many will get the job done, none will like these from Denmark-based footwear company Glerups. They're handcrafted from toasty 100% natural wool, are super stylish, and will last for years and years.

5.) Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

One of our favorite authors and personalities in the world is back with another book filled with nothing but the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers. It's like getting an entire lifestyle MBA in 700 pages.