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Rogue Industries Specifically Designed This Wallet for Your Front Pocket

Avoid throwing your spine out of whack with one of these.

If you're sick of the serious back pain old school wallets constantly create, might be time to consider this alternative option from the father/son business partners behind Rogue Industries

They gave their wallet a curved shape that comfortably, perfectly fits in your front pocket and crafted each of them from materials ranging from Horween baseball mitt leather to Colorado buffalo hide, all in the USA. They even installed an RFID-blocking liner so thieves can't swipe your card remotely. No complaints here.

For a limited time, each wallet is $10 off, bringing the price down to a very reasonable $45. If you're a front-pocket kind of guy–or think it's about time to make the switch–definitely consider one of these as the centerpiece of your EDC.