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Understand Financial News With Ease Thanks To This Brilliant App

Home screen worthy.
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Financial news is confusing. There's a lot of sources, a lot of noise, and it's hard for regular guys to get all the info they need on the global economy without throwing some serious time at it. Well, until now.

The recently launched Finimize app dishes a one to three minute read on everything you need to know about finance, ranging from Tesla possibly selling $2 billion worth of new stock to help fund its production or Dell casually borrowoing $16 billion and why you should care.

It's witty, well-written, easy to digest, and downright simple. Plus, it's totally free. Currently, the app is only available to Finimize Insiders, which is their premium service and available to those with either pay $5 for the monthly access or refer 5+ friends. Fortunately, we got you the hookup.

The first 1,000 Airows readers to sign up will receive an email within 24 hours with an invite to download the app, plus get all the special perks and bonuses of being in the Finimize Insider club. Get on it!