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A New Way to Pursue Grilling Perfection

Summer is coming in hot, which means grilling season will be making its triumphant return shortly. Do it better this year with the Looftlight, which cleanly ignites your charcoal grill via a superheated, 1100°F blast of air and quickly and safely cools off after use.

"Say goodbye to the lingering flavors of lighter fluid in your burgers and never again deal with the frustration of briquettes that refuse to light no matter how long you hold that match," says the brand. "And when it’s time for a fire in the firepit, the Looftlighter will get your firewood blazing just as quickly as the grill."

The sleek score is available to purchase right here. And if you're looking for the world's best Father's Day gift, try pairing this with a couple of great steaks and a six-pack of his favorite beer.