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Discover the Lost Art of Letter Writing – and Opening

Argue all you want but few modern tool designers understand the subtle art of design purity and minimalism better than the Japanese. And it's with this ethos that the Craighill Desk Knife took form, a small utility knife with both a chisel edge and a sharp point inspired by the Japanese "Kiridashi." 

With a form factor of a machined writing instrument, the Desk Knife is perfect for low-impact tasks around your desk or shipping station, like opening boxes and letters. Milled in Wisconsin from a solid 5/8” bar of steel and weighing just over 4.5 oz, we’re particularly fond of its satisfying in-hand feel – fans of the EDC community darling Embassy Pen will know exactly what to expect here – and that’s a very good thing. 

Add this Desk Knife to your valet tray by heading here, where it's finally back in stock after a lengthy absence.