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The Best Damn Android Phone Your $$$ Can Buy

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Special Promotion With...Motorola

Optimally, every detail of our daily lives should be personalized. We choose cars based on our personality, and dress in clothes tailored to our eccentricities; why should our smartphones be any different? Well, they shouldn’t. And, with Motorola’s latest device, the Moto X, we can finally customize such an important tool according to the lifestyle it helps support.


Priced lower than other phones in its class, the Moto X features a 5’2” HD screen, 13MP-4k camera capability, a sturdy but lightweight metal frame, and is roughly the same size as the competing options. Use the customization service Moto Maker to build your own device, and choose from over 20 different backing options, including leather and wood grain. You even have the option of engraving something into the back (if you can’t let go of that college nickname, or buying as a present for your significant other, a.k.a. Snuggly Bear). Now that’s pretty cool.


What we love on top of the Moto X’s physical personalization, is the rapidly improving (now vastly superior) Android operating system, which allows users to do the same thing to their operating system: personalize. This is simply the best software out, accessing virtually any application you could ever want. And, yes, this is an obligatory write up for a special promotion with Motorola, but we believe our claims, and we’re confident you will too.


If you want a second opinion, The Verge also said it was best Android smartphone ever made in its review.



So, strongly consider the Moto X this season if you’re thinking of upgrading your smartphone and looking for something most representing of yourself. This is the smartest choice. Remember: not one of us is the same, our phones shouldn’t be either.