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The Best Men's Belt Bags at Every Price Point

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"Man bags."


"Fanny packs."

Finally, in 2018, the stigma (and tacky insults) of a gentleman carrying anything smaller than a briefcase has faded.

That's, in part, due to the fashion community embracing the belt (or crossover) bag that's worn over the shoulder and across the chest or back, freeing up precious pocket space and allowing men to carry more than just the barebones essentials.

On top of looking downright cool, belt bags allow you to securely carry your everyday essentials while also having enough extra space for items that go beyond your wallet, phone and keys: breathe mints, sunglasses, phone charger, pocket knife, eye drops and even larger gadgets like cameras and e-readers.

If you're sold on the look, and you should be, here are the best available at every price point:

The Budget-Friendly Option: Aer Day Sling Bag, $65

Aer has mastered the art of simple, stylish backpacks and gym bags that blend quality materials and construction with minimalistic, all-black-everything aesthetics that are free of logos or unnecessary design elements. Their take on the belt bag continues the streak and does so at the perfect introductory price for the man who isn't totally sold on the style move just yet. Amazon Prime shipping available.

The Classic Mid-Range Option: Tumi Alpha Bravo Columbus Utility Pouch, $225

This stealthy option from Tumi mixes ballistic weave with leather for a handsome one-two punch that hits all the right notes. Amazon Prime shipping available.

The Money No Object Option: Off-White Belt Bag, $595

Off-White is white hot right now for all the right reasons, with exceptionally cool and distinctive designs that blend minimalistic elements with louder plays. Their belt bag is our absolute favorite pick in the category as it's not only made in Italy but punctuated with a stealthy black-on-black version of their signature industrial webbing strap, usually seen in yellow.