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Nudient Releases a Stealthy, Extra-Long iPhone Charging Cable

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There are few items of technology in life more essential than a proper iPhone charging cable, which delivers enough length to comfortably, smartly, and neatly juice up while browsing on the sofa or bed. And though you have plenty of third-party options for just that, nothing delivers stealthy style like this 6ft. option cut from a premium black fabric for increased longevity and a minimalistic feel.

It arrives from Nudient — who recently released the best über-thin iPhone cases around, in collaboration with legendary product designer Jesper Ståhl — and has undergone several tests at Apple to obtain the coveted "MFI" certification and "Made for Apple" logo. That means you can trust the quality is real, the charging is effective, and it won't damage your iPhone like the cheap, shoddy cables you'd find elsewhere.

Avoid the annoyance of unruly wires and add one to the home base or office right here.