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Beoplay Added a Beautiful, Distinctive New Speaker to Its Audio Arsenal

A work of art with audiophile-approved sound.
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Beoplay never disappoints. Their latest speaker, the M5, is crafted with an aluminum disc on top of the unit and an exchangeable wool blend fabric cover which is designed to seamlessly fit into the interior design of your home. Neutral? Let's go with a light grey. Clean and stark? Deep black. It's so pretty, the fact that it even pumps out rich sound is almost just a bonus.

Technology wise, it packs Bang & Olufsen's True360 technology, which provides fuller sound in every direction. You can even tinker with the settings through its companion app, which lets's you maximize the quality of sound no matter where it's placed- floor, corner, shelf, etc.

It also lets you connect to all the tried and tested connectivity options: Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotfiy, and Chromecast. Semi-new to the Beoplay family, you can now link multiple units together, Sonos-style. Not bad.

You can pre-order it today for $599, with shipping to happen on January 20th. Treat your eyes and ears, they deserve it.