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The B&O PLAY A1 Packs Massive Sound in a Hockey Puck Sized Package

Bluetooth bliss.
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The Danish design geniuses at B&O Play recently added the smallest (and most stylish) speaker to their impressive arsenal of audio goodness.

Dubbed the A1, it packs heavy bass, crisp sound, loud volume, and some minimalistic looks, all in a package that's not much larger than a hockey puck. It also comes in two unique colors, Moss Green and Sand Stone, along with your standard Silver and Jet Black.

Though this is designed for the outdoors and being on-the-go, it's also a great speaker for home listening, especially if you don't want to invest in a fancy Hi-Fi setup. The leather strap makes hanging it on a wall a breeze, and as their marketing team puts it, "sounds much better than a painting."

Available now for just $249, this is a perfect portable speaker for the kind of design loving person who cares about more than just techy stats and battery life