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The Score: Bellroy's Desk Pouch Is Nearly 50% Off Right Now

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Though some people are heading back to the office already, many of us are situated in WFH life for most of 2021. That has many of us working in less-than-traditional spaces, which means everything from the dining room table to the coffee table gets overrun with technology essentials and beyond.

That's good for productivity, we suppose. But bad for those who prefer their homes to be a tidy, relaxing oasis of good taste.

Thankfully, Bellroy is here to help. The Australian product studio recently released a minimalistic desk pouch, which is specifically designed to house and organize chargers, earbuds, wireless mice, and more, all in a stand-up design. And thanks to a summer sale, it's nearly half off right here.

Is it necessary? Of course not. But if you value cleanliness and find yourself more productive in orderly spaces, it might just be the move.