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This Might Be the World's Sexiest Television

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When other brands are designing TVs for your living room, Bang & Olufsen is designing them for art galleries.

Case in point: the BeoVision Eclipse OLED 4K TV clad with touches of brass-tone aluminum and smoked oak wood.

Designed to sit on the floor like a sculpture and look beautiful from all angles, the TV is a bold statement piece for those who not only demand the best but demand something different.

It's no slouch in the performance department either, boasting the "brightest and most vivid colors imaginable delivered with absolute black contrast" and the ability to "reproduce cinematic imagery true to the original source." It also packs room-shaking audio courtesy of the built-in soundbar with an integrated 450 watts 3-channel speaker system.

A true dream addition to any well-suited living room, this will be available through select retailers at the end of the month.