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Artisans de Genève Tributes 'The Big Blue' With New Custom Rolex

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French watch customizer Artisans de Genève has just revealed a modified Rolex Deepsea that draws inspiration from the cult classic diving flick The Big Blue. And though some traditionalists can't stand the sight of such a major rework, the artistry on display is enough to win over the harshest of critics.

The horological heads developed a bespoke Majestic Blue hue for the client project, which is on full display via the ceramic bezel ring and chapter ring. As for the movement, it was completely skeletonized to show off its natural beauty as well as the various modifications. Most notably of which is the replacement sapphire crystal date disk which provides the highest level of transparency. "This piece alone required 60 hours of extremely delicate work," they note. 

Pricing, of course, wasn't disclosed. But whatever they paid, it feels like a steal.