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Arlo Skye is an upstart entering the luxury travel and luggage space and are doing so with a bang. Their debut carry-on mixes form, function, and finesse for a stylish, powerful look.

Made from a material roughly 2.3x stronger than polycarbonate plastic and featuring patented Silent Run Lisof wheels that are ultra-stealth, this thing will wiz through the airport like a champ.

It also features a portable charger with built-in surge protection that lasts for days. It's a simple addition that means never needing to hunt for an open airport outlet again.

Lastly, there's not a single annoying zipper to deal with. The thing has a one-touch open/close frame that keeps things very secure but still TSA-friendly.

Priced at $495, it comes in three different finishes – Penguin Black, Sardine Silver, and Champagne. Get your A-list airport game in order and snag one of these things – your future self will thank you.