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A Tote Bag Is Surprisingly Useful—and A.P.C.'s New Holdall Is One of the Best

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A tote bag is something you should always have on hand. And we're not talking about something you bought in line at Trader Joe's or a cheap, logo-slapped freebie. We're talking one you'll actually be proud to carry.

One of our favorites is this new release from French label A.P.C. that's made from light and robust shell and designed with expandable sides to help with overflow problems. On top of that, there's a drawstring top to keep everything secure and various internal pockets for organizing smaller essentials like your phone and wallet.

And though great for the obvious – beach trips, short flights, poolside vacations, and quick Airbnb getaways – we're all about the day-to-day moves, like using it to bring over a few bottles of red to a dinner party or lugging some of your gym gear to and from the office. If you're about it, head here and get it in your life.