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Anker's New Wall Charger Doubles As a Portable Battery

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If you've ever owned a portable battery, you know it's never charged when you need it and frustratingly easy to misplace.

Thankfully, Anker has a fix. 

Their new Powercore Fusion Charger is a 42W wall charger first, portable battery second. Meaning, it'll a) always be around, b) always be charged, and c) not take up extra space in the bag. It has two slots, a 30W USB-C output for juicing up your MacBook or iPad Pro and another 12W via USB-A for charging your smartphone or other small electronics. All while fueling up the internal battery with a 5,000 mAh reserve for on-the-go and outlet-free juice when needed.

Our advice? Swap our your standard issue charger for one of these and never have 6% battery anxiety or pre-flight panic again. Apple is the exclusive retail partner for the release, so head here if you're game to make the upgrade.