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Bang & Olufsen's 100% Wireless Earbuds Go $100 Off

If AirPods don't provide enough sound quality or design quality, consider Bang & Olufsen's Beopaly E8 wireless earbuds that just got the $100 off treatment.

The 100% wireless earbuds are tuned for music lovers and pack a serious amount of high fidelity punch considering their small size. The wire-free pods feature integrated touch panels and a voice-activated microphone as well as the ability to adjust to four different levels of noise-cancellation, from 'walking the dog on a busy street' to 'drowning out the crying baby on a cross-country flight.' And just like the AirPods, the custom designed charging case has its own battery.

Available here at the discount, this might be the move if you demand a lot more out of your on-the-go audio.