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The Game Boy Is Back (And Better Than Ever)

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Rejoice, people. The Analogue Pocket is here. And it's the Game Boy you grew up with, just better in every way.

The tribute to portable gaming can play any of the Game Boy cartridge library (including Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance titles) and relishes in minimalist visuals and overall sleekness.

It's 3.5" LCD screen is quite impressive, delivering a 1600x1440 resolution that laps the original by 10x. It's also clad with stereo speakers and USB-C charging and features mappable buttons for a customized gaming experience. And if you want to throw Super Maro Bros. 3 or Golden Son on the big screen, the Analogue Dock, not included, can output games to your television via HDMI with Bluetooth for wireless controllers.

It also, somewhat randomly, features a GarageBand-style audio workstation called Nanoloop with a synthesizer and sequencer. It's probably not what most buyers will be using the device for but it's an interesting addition nonetheless.

The retro revival is due to release in 2020 and carries a price tag of $199. As of right now, preorders aren't on the table.