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Stream Free Over-the-Air TV With Amazon's Newest Device

Did you know you can watch live, popular TV stations like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and The CW for exactly $0 a month? All in high-definition?

Well, you can. 

And it's all thanks to HD antennas. 

But here's the problem: antennas are not only painfully difficult to setup but feature no interface and no DVR functionality. On top of that, they're unsightly in any space that takes itself seriously.

Unless you're a desperate cord-cutter trying to save every penny you can, it's not worth it. But Amazon is here to change that.

Their newly unveiled Fire TV Recast pulls in all the aforementioned channels in glorious high-definition, slaps a pretty interface on top and gives you full DVR capabilities. Want to record every new episode of The Good Place? Done. Need to pause the Chiefs/49ers game? Easy. No monthly fees. No nonsense.

And here's where things get really good: streaming.

Nobody wants an ugly antenna slapped onto their living room window. The Fire TV Recast, fortunately, can stream to any compatible phone or television with a Fire TV stick, allowing you to keep the devices in a laundry room or garage, not out on display, all while servicing every television and connected device in your home.

Ready to ditch your $120/month cable bill....?