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Alienware Previews the Concept Nyx Gaming System

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One of the more exciting product previews ahead of CES 2022 is the Alienware Concept Nyx, a new gaming system from the R&D lab at Dell that can power multiple game streams simultaneously from a central hub. 

"Imagine you’re on your desktop in your bedroom exploring Night City in CyberPunk 2077," Alienware notes. "Your roommates are on their laptops and tablets in the living room, battling head-to-head in Rocket League. And your cousin is also over, casually building a new world in Minecraft on her cell phone. Now let’s say it’s time to prepare dinner so you head downstairs and pass the controller to one of your roommates – you can quickly switch to your CyberPunk 2077 experience on the 65-inch TV in the living room and let them take over exactly where you left off, advancing your game while you cook."

Though only a mere concept right now, the idea certainly has us fired up for the future.