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A+ Mobile Games For When You're Bored Over The Holidays

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The holidays are the best time of your. Family. Friends. Food. Fun. But unfortunately, there always seems to be a LOT of downtime. So keep yourself well occupied with these top-notch iPhone and Android games. They're a much better alternative to "Words With Friends" or whatever stale game has been on your iPhone for far too long.


The Respawnables: This is a terrific pick-up-and-play style third person shooter that's filled with cartoon-y military characters and obnoxious weapons. The online multiplayers works flawlessly and it's all just amazingly fun. FREE - iOS - Android


Hero Academy: This is an excellent turn-based strategy game that's kind of like chess on steroids. It's easy to play with friends and only takes a second or two of your time each turn, so you won't have to be glued to your screen for any extensive amount of time. FREE - iOS - Android


Punch Quest: This is an old-school style run and punch type game you might remember from the 'ol SNES days. It's fast, fun and addicting in all the best kind of ways. $0.99 - iOS - Android


NBA 2k14: For a sports game on the small screen, this actually works surprisingly well. Sure, it's not an exact replica of what you'd find on PS4, but it's still something you can get lost in for over an hour. $2.99 - iOS


Kingdom Rush Frontiers: This is a classic kinda tower defense game that's a total blast. The art and animation is really wonderful and the gameplay is pretty spot on. $0.99 - iOS - Android

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Rayman Fiesta Rush: A sequel to the original (and also incredible) Rayman mobile game, Fiesta Rush is the closet thing you'll get to a Super Mario Bros. game on your phone. The art is exceptionally gorgeous and the controls are surprisingly tight. $2.99 - iOS - Android

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