Instagram is a beautiful and fun way to highlight your life in an interesting and artistic way. Here's a few ways to take your photos from zero to hero, thanks to a handful of apps worth downloading.

1.) Polamatic by Polaroid ($0.99)

This great new app brings back the nostalgia of old school Polaroid pictures into the digital age. You choose the different types of film, borders, and filters--and the results are as "authentic" as you can get while faking it.

2.) Polarr Photo Editor ($4.99)

For just straight up photo editing, there is no better app than the newly released Polarr. It's basically Photoshop on the go, but easier to use.


This beautifully designed app shoots moving GIF style photos that are as stylish as a GIF can possibly be. Less meme, more professional advertising campaign.

4.) Trim ($FREE)

If you want to get around the square crop mandate Instagram has and post full size photos, Trim does it the absolute best. Totally lightweight and just works.

5.) Camero ($FREE)

This app is designed by Vimeo and makes video editing incredibly easy and fun. Ditch trying to figure out what in the world is going on in iMovie and stick with this one instead.

6.) Purrge ($1.99)

If you've even owned an iPhone with only 16gb of storage, you've felt the pain of having to constantly go through and delete your photo library using an ultra-slow and tedious process built in by Apple. This app does it the right way and allows you to purge your photo library in seconds, not 15 minutes, letting you to not feel so guilty snapping 20 different photos in one place while trying to get the perfect shot.

7.) Litely ($FREE)

For subtle filters and powerful (but quick) editing tools, this thing is your ticket. The aforementioned Polarr is great if you want to go deeper with your edits, but if you're in a hurry and just need a quick upgrade, Litely is the real deal.