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6 Extremely Good Looking Bags For Jet-Setters

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For those who spend a significant amount of time up in the air, having a good bag makes the whole travel experience significantly better. Here are a handful of favorites, all extremely high quality, that'll last you for years and years while making you look like the guy who will soon be flying private. Pair any of these with a Rimowa, and you'll be absolutely golden.


Lotus Leather Backpack: This isn't your typical Jansport you'd spot on a 5th grader, this is a pure grown man backpack. It's made of the finest leather and looks like a million bucks, not like it's holding a pencil case and a Nintendo DS.


Hard Graft Double Take Weekend Bag: Hard Graft makes some seriously premium leather bags, and this particular model is a favorite. It's designed to fold flat, so if you're planning on bringing home more than you brought, you can keep this in a larger suitcase and use as a second bag on your voyage home.


Octovo 48 Hour Bag: Made with an Octovo custom-made Italian vegetable retanned leather base and a waxed twill upper, this bag is pure class and style.


DSPTCH Ruckpack: This is a little more "great outdoors" than it is "first class", but for more adventurous trips, there is literally not a better looking bag in this rucksack style.


3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag: Sleek, stylish, sexy. This bag has a real downtown look that will look good for years and years.


A.P.C. Black Sac De Voyage Bag: Really digging this look from A.P.C. It's simple and classic and is the kind of style that any person can pull off with ease---whether it's at the airport lounge or the gym.