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Here's a few ways to take your wrist up a notch without having to drop a lot of coin. Each is stylish in very different ways.

1.) Bravur BW002G-W-LBL1 ($675)

This sharp watch looks great in black and gold and is designed by the minimalist Swedish team over at Bravur. They keep things ultra-simple and quality for an elegant look that any dude can pull off with ease.

2.) Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph ($625)

This racing inspired chronograph watch will make you feel like a Formula 1 winner from its looks alone. It has some great late ’60s and early ’70s vibes, with smart details and perfectly retro styling throughout.

3.) Covair Interchangeable Watches ($149 For Two)

The guys at Covair developed watches with quick-change clips, so you can go from a leather band to a stainless steel band in seconds, and interchangeable inserts, so you can swap out faces to match your outfit or activity. They're currently running a campaign on Kickstarter--so if you want to snag at a crazy discount--$149 instead of $255 for a set of two--now is the time.  (Disclaimer: The founder of Airows does their marketing and creative.)

4.) TSOVET  SVT DE40 ($450)

This beautiful racing chronograph has a vintage-inspired creamy dial and a milanese bracelet, a cool look you'll be seeing more and more of on watches over the next few years.

5.) Mougin & Piquard x J.Crew Grande Seconde ($425)

This simple and classy dress watch that features a very stylish double dial and is based off designs pilots wore almost 100 years ago. It's hard to go wrong with this one.