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10 Under-The-Radar Print Magazines Worth Checking Out

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We love reads like DETAILS and GQ and scope them out monthly, but they're also a lot of great under-the-radar print magazines worth checking out. Outside of big ones in the indie space like Kinfolk, here are some favroties that you'll probably dig if you dig Airows...

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1.) MAN of the WORLD: The perfect blend of timeless/classic and modern/cool, MAN of the WORLD has some amazing product curation combined with some terrific photography. If you're more interested in beautiful photos and cool gear than some politically-charged long read taking up one fourth of an issue, this magazine is for you.


2.) Green Soccer Magazine: If you have an interest in soccer/football, this magazine is a must read. Some terrific writing, awesome photography, and some of the best art direction in print.


3.) Saturdays Magazine: Cover to cover content with no advertising plus some outrageously cool photography throughout. They showcase the surf scene in an accessible and beautiful way without being too carefree and "brah."


4.) HUCK: This has a focus on activists, designers, filmmakers, photographers and more. It's a little surf/skate inspired, so maybe not for everyone, but they do some excellent work.


5.) Little White Lies: This magazine covers film and features some really outstanding illustrations and art. The writing is great, but the art direction and style is what really makes this one.


6.) PORT: This is a great biannual read with a focus on things like architecture, design, business, film, environment, politics, literature and comedy alongside timeless examples of classic style and fashion.


7.) Popeye: Sure, you won't be able to read anything as it's in Japanese, but this magazine is massively influential to a lot of your favorite menswear designers and has some incredible imagery and style throughout.


8.) At Large: A brand new California based publication with a staff made up of artists, writers, and filmmakers who don't work at a desk or office, but instead are always on the move and traveling while curating the issue. An interesting idea that's reflected nicely in the content.


9.) Free & Easy: Here's another magazine we love out of Japan. They have amazing product curation and it's loaded with some incredibly stylish things.


10.) Anthology: If you love classic and cool interior design, this timeless magazine is loaded with it.