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4 Subscription Boxes For Guys That Don't Suck

It's like if Santa Claus had really good taste.

Subscription boxes are becoming a dime a dozen in 2015. It feels like every other commerce startup is trying to cash in on it but few are doing it well. Luckily for you, we swam through the bad to find the great.

Flaviar: This is a members-only club that drops off tasting packs with five samples a month of the good stuff--whisky, rum, vodka, gin, etc. They want you to sample the liquor amongst friends and bring the "tasting room" experience to your private residence.  Each dispatch comes with tasting notes and a whole bunch of other witty and clever info that's easy to understand and fun to learn from as you mature your palette. It's a total treat to get this delivered. They have a few options for purchasing--you can go with an individual one time tasting pack or go the subscription route and save 40% on your first month with a price tag of just $24.99. Not a bad incentive to give this a try...

Quarterly: Ever want to randomly receive presents from celebrities and tastemakers you admire and respect the hell out of? Now you can. Quarterly has been around for a few years and basically works with people (and businesses) who have excellent taste and lets them curate boxes full of presents for you open once a quarter. We recommend the Tim Ferriss box ($100/every 3 months) or the GQ ($100/every 3 months)--but all the options are pretty solid. You usually get around $150-$250 worth of stuff for the price tag.

Harry's: Every dude needs quality blades and most people who read Airows have probably heard of Harry's stylish and quality options on the cheap. But they might have missed the fact that they have an auto-refill subscription service. Get clean and sharp blades delivered to you on the regular so you never have to worry about going without. Plus, their products are a much better look than the mass-market junk at your local grocery store.

Quip: Quip is a lot like Harry's, but instead of razors, it's something else you need regularly and hate having to run to the store to get: oral care supplies. The starter kit comes with an electric toothbrush base and they'll send you fresh brush heads and a giant tube of toothpaste every three months. It's $40 to get the starter kit and just $10/month to get the refills delivered. Just wish they also included floss.