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3 Startups To Watch Out For In 2015

They should be on your radar.

Here are a few up and coming businesses that need to be on your radar. They might not be the next Uber or Facebook, but they have a certain cool factor that gets us excited.


Loop & Tie: Here at Airows, we fully endorse curated-done-right services. Loop & Tie marries a killer concept with an always tricky task -- corporate gifting. No more engraved coffee mugs, or lame personalized business card holders, the dudes over at Loop & Tie have curated super-cool gift collections at tiered price points. Simply recommend a specific item, or designate how much they’d like to spend and let them select “Gift of Choice” -- to provide the recipient complete freedom. Count us in.


Nymi: This one we are super stoked about. It’s a James Bond technology solution to help with the daily problems of security, privacy and identity management. Toronto-based Nymi wants to use your heartbeat as the unique credential to unlock your passwords, pin numbers and login names. Their product is a $79 ‘Nymi’ wristband that will detect your heart rhythm and utilize sensors to vouch for your identity and authenticate daily tasks. Anything that comes straight out of Q’s research and development division has us wanting more.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.05.29 PM.png

Minuum: Bigger is better, right? When it comes to displays, this trend is king right now. Minuum is looking to capitalize off that with an ultra slick typing solution -- a one row keyboard. We were skeptic at first, but realize this is a huge opportunity for someone to impact the wearable market. We’re on board.