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This $29 Device From ShaveFace Will Make Your Razor Blades Last 3-5x As Long

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The Strop by the shaving upstart ShaveFace definitely needs to be on your radar. It's a simple tool that extends the life of your razor to last 3-5 times as long, saving you at least $100 per year. With razor blades naturally getting out of alignment when in use, this bad boy works by realigning the blades within the cartridge, giving you the feeling of a brand new razor during every shave. Many old-timey barbers use this low-fi idea to keep their straight razors on point, but the dudes at ShaveFace apply this technology to specifically work with your standard throwaway blades almost every guy uses: Gillette, Schick, Venus, Bic, Harrys, Dollar Shave Club, and most private label blades that you'd find at your CVS or Rite-Aid. For $29, one of these guys---made in the USA with raw denim, double leather, and polished brass stud buttons---could be yours.