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20 Awesome Things Dads Actually Want For Father’s Day

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No ties, socks, or anything else boring and run-of-the-mill here. No matter what your dad is into, surely there's a thing or two on this list that he'll absolutely love.

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Poler Cast Iron Skillet: For the dad who really loves to make a mean breakfast on the weekends.


Harmon Kardon Esquire Bluetooth Speaker: For the dad who appreciates amazing sound, good looks, and crystal clear conference calls.

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Warstic Pro Designer Series Bats: For the dad who can't get enough baseball in the summer.

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Deluxe Poker Set: For the dad who loves to play a game of cards.


Manual Coffee Maker: For the dad who loves his cup of joe each morning.

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WhistleGPS: For the dad who absolutely loves his dog.

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Bison Airlighter: For the outdoorsy dad who loves building fires.

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Tablettray: For the dad who is horribly slow at typing on his iPad.


Goodlife Plant Print Board Shorts: For the dad who likes to hang poolside in style.

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Tool Chess Set: For the dad who loves a good board game as much as he loves working in his shop.

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Polara Golf Balls: For the dad who will appreciate how these help correct slices and hooks up to 75%.

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Stainless Stemless Wine Glasses: For the dad who likes a nice glass of vino.

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Mahabis Slippers: For the dad who desperately needs to retire his old pair of slippers.


Thumbsaver: For the dad who refuses to ever call a handyman.

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50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener: For the dad who actually knows how to fire something that shoots 50 caliber bullets.


Grover Lounge Shorts: For the dad who loves to hit the gym on the regular.


Tanner Goods Leather Guitar Strap: The the dad who knows how to jam on a guitar.


Darth Vader Father's Day Card: For the dad who loves Star Wars as much as you do.

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Restoration Hardware Shufflebaord Table: For the dad you want to win some MAJOR points with.


Tudor Pelagos: For the dad who really deserves it.