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A Legendary James Bond Collectible Set Is Back from the Dead

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The James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case, originally released in 1965, is considered one of the "grail" 007 collectible toys from the early years of the book and film franchise. And now it's coming back, in limited supply, thanks to a tastefully done reissue from The Official 007 Store.

The set, which uses the original molds from the 1965 version, includes a coding device for writing secret messages, a codebook that also operates as a booby trap, a passport, international currency, secret business cards, gold coins, and a toy camera that replaces the toy gun replica included in the original run. It all comes housed in an attaché case wrapped in a leather-like textile and finished with gold metalwork and 007 combination locks with a dagger insignia.


For those interested in acquiring, you can place your pre-order right here. Shipping begins in Nov. 2021.