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16 Different Cameras Are Stuffed Into This Pocket Sized DSLR Killer

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The mad scientists over at Light developed the L16, a game changing device that could potentially be the camera of the future. 

Basically, it's a pocket-sized device that stuffs sixteen different cameras and lenses into one package. When you snap a photo, all of the cameras capture a shot simultaneously which immediately get fused together to create a 52-megapixel wonder.

It also includes a large touchscreen that allows you mess with manual settings traditionally reserved for clunky DSLR cameras. 

Priced at $1,299, you can pre-order now with shipping expected to start summer 2016. Pro photogs probably won't hang up their Nikon or Canon for one of these, but it's a fun, powerful camera that's perfect for the kind of person who falls between "bored with traditional point-and-shoot cameras" and "takes photos for a living."