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13 Twitter Accounts Every Man Should Follow

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Not really digging your Twitter feed? Maybe these 13 accounts can make things a bit more interesting for ya... Each comes highly recommended.

13. Jason Fried is the founder of Basecamp, one of the more successful web apps ever created. He runs an awesome Twitter feed full of cool stuff he finds around the web with a lot of solid recommendations built in. You'll learn things and discover good stuff when you follow him.

12. You might remember Damien Fahey from his days hosting TRL way back in the day, but he's moved on to the writer/stand-up world and constantly publishes hilarious tweets day in and day out.

11. The editors at Inside Hook run a great Twitter feed, with a whole bunch of cool links and curated contest from around the web. The wit and tone is spot on and most dudes will very much appreciate their commentary.

10. Ray Subers is an under the radar film writer/box office guy and his tweets and insight on movies and TV are always fascinating.. He also tweets out a lot of great trivia.

9. Dustin Curtis is the creator of Svbtle and is always tweeting out interesting information surrounding the startup and tech world.

8. Huckberry is one of the best online shops on the web, and they do an excellent job with their social too. Their feed features a lot of interesting links, quotes and cool stuff to buy.

7. SB Nation does a fantastic job breaking down the most interesting and funny aspects of the sports world and sharing them in humorous ways via their Twitter feed. Even if you have only a passing interest in sports, you'll get a kick out of following them.

6. The Modern Seinfeld account develops episode plots as if the show was still running in 2014. Always hilarious and well through out.

5. Adam is the editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit magazine and used to be an editor for GQ. Really stylish dude with witty commentary.

4. Eric Stangel is a writer for David Letterman and always tweets out pretty funny things with a heavy focus on sports.

3. The SNL alum and host of his new late night show, Seth Meyers is obviously a funny dude, but he's also a huge fan of movies/tv/culture, comic books, sports and a whole bunch of other stuff. All of his tweets are spot on and interesting.

2. Founder of Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity and PayPal, Elon Musk is pretty much a real life Tony Stark.

1. Bill Simmons is one of the greatest sports writers ever, and his Twitter account always provides excellent commentary.